The leading media representatives from the Arab Republic of Egypt visited frontline regions of Azerbaijan at the invitation of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and the Journalists Association of OIC Member States. 
Initially, the delegation get acquainted with the atrocities committed by Armenian armed forces in 1993 in Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village which was under occupation for a month in Fuzuli disctrict. 
IEPF President Umud Mirzayev informed them that Ashagi Abdurrahmanli village where he was born and grew up was totally occupied by Armenia in 1993. As a result of successful military operation of Azerbaijani Armed Forces the most part of the village was recaptured from Armenian occupation in 1994. 
“Within the months of occupation Armenian vandals looted and burned all houses in the village. Even the graves were destroyed and shot up in the graveyard of the village. There are bullet holes on the graves. This tragedy done by Armenia in the village is not only ours, but everyone’s tragedy,” Umud Mirzayev said. 
IEPF President also mentioned that the Fund regularly organize the foreign media representatives’ trip to the frontline regions of Azerbaijan and he added that these kind of events are important in terms of dissemination of truth about the conflict. 
The Egyptian delegation said that all of these ruins and insults against cemetery are unacceptable. These kind of inhumane acts touch the people’s feelings. They said that the destruction and fire of gravestones is the last limit of vandalism and they expressed their sadness about what they saw. 
The Head of the Journalists Association of OIC Member States Fazil Abbasov noted that a person who saw the destroyed human lifes as a result of war cannot remain indifferent. 
“The atrocities proves that Armenians try to wipe out the cultural heritages of Azerbaijan in the occupied territories. But our visit signs that Azerbaijan will take all its occupied regions back.”
Then, the delegation arrived in the newly liberated Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrail region after visiting the “April Martyrs’ Memorial” in Horadiz city. 
The guests are informed about the atrocities committed by Armenians in the occupied territories. They are also said about the demining and contruction processes carried out in accordance with the Decree of the President of Azerbaijan. 
Living in peace in Jojug Marjanli village was impossible due to the fact that the strategic height Lalatapa was under occupation of Armenian army until April, 2016. After being liberated of height by Azerbaijan Armed Forces it is possible to live safely in the village.
The delegation visited Lalatapa height, as well. 
At the end of trip the IEPF President said in his interview that the delegation was a witness of the Armenian atrocities and visited Jojug Marjanli village. All this is a message to the world that we see Karabakh in its reconstructed position. 
“We don’t want war and this is our policy. We see the future in peace, with living together, including new houses and schools. 
Meanwhile, within the trip Egyptian guests participated at the conference on the “Role of the media in Streingthening of Islamic Solidarity” on the ocassion of the “Year of Islamic Solidarity”. During the visit they also met with the Assistant of the President on public-political issues Ali Hasanov and the Rector of the Baku State University Abel Maharramov. The development of mutual cooperation and the objective coverage of Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in Egyptian mass media were on the top of agenda.