The Founder and General Director of Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health(GIWEH) Dr. Nidal Salim and the Director of the Trinity Kornyez Organization Bence Fülöp accompanied by the President of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) Umud Mirzayev, Vice-President Ramil Azizov visited Azerbaijan’s frontline - Tartar region upon the invitation of the IEPF on December 21.  
The Deputy Director of the Social and Political Department of Tartar District Executive Power Elvin Umudov, the Chief Engineer of Tartar regional department of the State Amelioration and Water Management Committee Mehman Karimov also attended the meeting.
The visit aimed to inform the guests about the problems of melioration in Tartar and surrounding regions, as well as Sarsang water reservoir which is under occupation of Armenian Armed Forces. Within the trip they also discussed the possible methods to solve problems and to raise international awareness. 
Then they got acquaintance with the monument ‘Maraga 150’, which was built by Armenians in 1978 for the 150th anniversary of their settlement in Karabagh.
The alternative water sources for irrigation were also discussed at the meeting. 
At the end the guests said that the issue regarding the Sarsang water reservoir will be raised at the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil and they will put all their efforts into solving the problem.