Event titled  "Tourism as a bridge between Greece and Azerbaijan" held on 17 February 2017 at the headquarters of United Cultures in Baku.

The conference was organized by United Cultures, supported by the Embassy of Greece in Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the Greek tour operator Panhellas, the Italian Cultural Center in Baku and media partner International Eurasia Press Fund.

Main aim of the event was to present the touristic potential of Greece and the exchange of opportunities in the tourism sector between Greece and Azerbaijan, which already have excellent diplomatic and economic relations.

About twenty representatives of tourism companies attended the event.

The event was opened by Dimitrios Tsoungas, Ambassador of Greece to Azerbaijan .He said that main purpose of the event was demonstration of Greece's potential as a tourism destination, as well as promotion of two countries’ current opportunities in the fields of diplomacy and ecenomy.

The ambassador gave detailed information about tourism opportunities in Greece.

Then the First Counselor of the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan Denis Daniilidis shared his childhood memories with the participants of the event and gave detailed information on the tourism opportunities in Greece .He spoke about indescribable beauty of Greek islands.

The Chief Executive Officer of Azerbaijan-Italy Association, Paola Casagrande told about Greece as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. 

Paola Casagrande also said that this year infotour will be organized to Greece with the participation of tour operators and travel agencies as well as organizations involved in the tourism industry,media and publishing houses.

The Azerbaijani professor at Slavyan University Saida Mehdiyeva spoke about an amazing greek myphology to the participants.
The director general of the largest greek tour operator, Muzenidis Trevel informed the participations about direct flights to Greece,to Thessaloniki and the island of Crete via Tbilisi .
At the end of the event lottery was held with the award of visit to Halkidiki peninsula and the island of Crete.

The chairman of the International Eurasia  Press Fund Umud Mirzayev highlihted the importance of event and said that this event will pay the way for the development of relations between the two countries as well.
Note that international analytical information gateway Eurasia Diary was a media partner of the event. Eurasia  Diary operating under the IEPF and publishing the materials in five languages.