On the January 21st U.S. Embassy representatives celebrated with the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) the completion of its “Empowering IDP Youth in the Regions for Civil Society Participation” project, implemented by the IEPF with financial support of the U.S. Embassy.  
The Head of the Terter District Executive Power Mustaqim Mammadov, IEPF President Umud Mirzayev, Political Affairs Officer in the US Embassy to Azerbaijan William Solley and Regional Refugee Coordinator from the Embassy of the United States of America in Georgia Jonathan Hayes together with IDP youth from Barda, Terter and Agdam regions attended the event. 
During the event, the video and presentations about 15 years long-lasting cooperation between the IEPF with U.S. government, U.S. Embassy to Azerbaijan and IREX, in implementation of various humanitarian projects were demonstrated. 
Then the Forum Theaters were presented by the IDP youth aimed to raise public awareness about environmental protection, sustainable development goals, early marriage and its negative consequences, prevention of drug addiction and tobacco production, increasing of the number of peace-oriented activities for struggling against extremism and violence. 
“Skillful hands” photo exhibition which was organized by the youth from the IDP settlement No 866 in Barda region, the book with the poems and stories of talented IDP youth were presented within the framework of the event. 
After the event, U.S. Embassy representatives got acquainted with the work of the IEPF in the region and visited the Tartar Vocational Training Center. The guests appraised IEPF’s humanitarian activity. 
The IEPF President said that the achieved success is a sample of productive cooperation between the government and civil society in Azerbaijan. 
Meanwhile, the project aimed at support and empowerment of talented IDP youth, improvement of their integration into society, empowerment of their participation in creation of civil society. 
In the first phase of the project the IDP youth gained the knowledge on how to write projects’ concept papers, project management and fundraising skills. The projects like “Clean Tartar”, “Let’s say NO to narcomania” in Tartar region, “Boomerang”, “The Art of Hairdressing” in Agdam region, “Skillful hands”, “Dance of the verses” in Barda region were successfully implemented.