The President of the International Eurasia Press Fund Umud Mirzayev joined the 14th meeting of the Confederation of Turkish Journalists on behalf of the Azerbaijani Press Council in the Kemer district of Antalya province in Turkey. The Confederacy combines 92 newspapers, 7 federations and more than 20 thousand people. 
The 14th meeting of the Confederacy kicked off with the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the 31 March Genocide of Azerbaijanis on March 31. A documentary film about the 31 March Genocide screened during the event. 
Addressing the event, Umud Mirzayev spoke about the development of media and journalism in Azerbaijan and active role of the Azerbaijani Press Council. Touching upon the importance of joint action of Turkish and Azerbaijani journalists, he informed participants about the International Eurasia Press Fund, its achievements and experience. 
He also stressed the necessity of enhancing joint representation in international organizations, protecting the fair position of both countries and strengthening the partnership opportunities.
Umud Mirzayev also spoke about the massacres and genocide against Azerbaijanis at the beginning of the 20th century that were committed by Armenians in Karabakh, Zangezur, Baku, Guba, Nakhchivan and other regions in 1918-1920. 
He also stated that this year Azerbaijan will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan and spoke about the importance of the events in this regard.
Deputy Director General of the Confederation of Turkish Journalists, Chairman of Antalya Journalists’ Society and Akdeniz Journalists’ Federation (AJF) Mevlut Yeni emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between civil society organizations and media in Azerbaijan, organizing joint global events, as well as the joint representation in various international organizations. 
He also said that they didn’t forget 31 March Genocide of Azerbaijanis. 
“Today it is the 100th anniversary of 31 March Genocide committed by Armenians against our Azerbaijani brothers. As a journalist, as well as Turkish citizen we condemn the genocide and persecutions. We always stand with our Azerbaijani brothers,” added Mevlut Yeni.
At the end he pointed out the significance of the development of mutual ties between Turkish and Azerbaijani journalists.