The project to support the participation of internally displaced youth in building civil society in the regions is one of the following projects of the IFEP with the support of the US government.
IFEP, since 2006, to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in the regions, create jobs for low-income segments of the population, ensure socio-economic reintegration, solve socio-legal problems of internally displaced persons, improve the professional skills of women, especially low-income women whose husbands migrated to other cities and countries and have done significant work to increase income of his family through professional development.
The projects were led by the Tatar Vocational Training Center, which was established in Terter in 2010 with the support of the US government, and the experience and methodological tools of the center were used. With the support of the Office of Refugees and Migration Affairs of the U.S. Department of State, the project "Building the Capacity of local Civil society and public organizations for the reintegration of internally displaced persons" has created extensive opportunities for civil society organizations to empower women in war-affected areas.
The project "Women, Community and Social Justice: Combating gender-based violence in internally displaced communities", funded by the US Embassy in Azerbaijan, was launched on March 1. The main goal of the project is to inform women about their rights, public discussion of early marriage and gender equality, as well as measures to prevent gender-based violence against women.
AGDM (a survey based on age, gender and diversity) was conducted as part of the project.
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