The implementation of the project started on February 04, 2002 on the basis of the agreement signed between the IEPF and the Embassy of Japan in Azerbaijan and the trilateral memorandum signed between the Japanese Embassy-anama-IEPF. The project is currently under way.
Donor: UNDP, US State Department, Azerbaijan government.
Scope of the project: Gushkara and Topalhasanli villages of Khanlar region, Shikharkh village of tartar region.
Purpose of the project: cleaning of areas contaminated with mines and unexploded military ammunition.
The project team-- the program was first implemented with a mobile team of 12 people and under the guidance of external technical consultant Thomas Laurens. Currently, the community Mine Action Team has more than 70 people and mine clearance works are carried out under the leadership of the national supervisor.
The result-- Community Mine Action Team has reached 6 million in Khanlar and Terter districts so far. M2 has carried out cleaning works in the nearest area and currently the team continues its activities.