Project implementation: June 01 - October 1, 2004.

Partner – Azerbaijani National Agency for Mines Cleaning (ANAMA)

Donor – European Commission.

The coverage of the project is all cities and districts of Azerbaijan, including the Republic of Nakhchivan.

Purpose of the project: To expose victims of mines in Azerbaijan and to learn their needs for public reconstruction and reintegration.

Results: During the implementation of the project, some 1,900 mine victims were surveyed in Azerbaijan and their needs ranging from medical care to economic assistance were studied.

The implementation of the project has shown that people affected by enough mines in Azerbaijan today have faced difficult problems, and hundreds of mine victims have so far been unable to either get or change their fifties because they do not know their rights. It has been revealed that the victims of the mine have a lot of problems with housing, unemployment, treatment and screening, medicine provision and other important needs.