"How much does the author of this article know about our region? Do they know that Armenian nationalists have carried out vandal attacks in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan for 30 years?"
Umud Mirzayev, president of the International Eurasia Press Fund, said these words in his comments to Ednews while talking about the recent provocative article written against Azerbaijan in the Uzbek media.
"Illeal drugs are produced in our occupied territories, and these lands are also used as a transit point for smuggling. Why don't they write everything down? They do not refer to internationally important documents such as 4 resolutions of the UN Security Council. Why are they silent about the tricks of Ruben Vardanyan, a citizen of the Russian Federation, who resigned from his position, openly renounced his citizenship, and thereby created a conflict between the parties?"
According to U.Mirzayev, if the Daryo.uz site conducts research on Karabakh, it should take a look at history. In their writings, instead of the real name of the city, which is the territory of Azerbaijan, Khankendi, they mention the name as Stepanakert. At one time, it was Stepan Shaumuyan who committed a bloody massacre with his gangs against the Turkish-Muslim population.
"We were very disappointed that the article was published on January 20, durung the commemoration of the bloody day of our country, for the purpose of great provocation. Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan have always been brother states. The article on that site did not do proper research. At least, Azerbaijan's position has not been clarified."
It should be noted that an article full of provocation against Azerbaijan was published in the Uzbek media. It is mentioned in the article that in the action on the Lachin-Shusha road, not eco-activists, but the closure of the corridor is allegedly carried out by the Azerbaijani side. At the same time, Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh remained hungry, without water and power. The article also mentions that "Azerbaijan's ongoing provocations" show that this incident will cause its reputation to decline in the international arena. G20 members should put open pressure on Azerbaijan to end the inhumane blockade of Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh.