It was reported that a delegation consisting of representatives of the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the United States, ANAMA, and the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) participated in the "Norman Borlog Dialogue on International Food Security" event in Iowa, USA.

Within the framework of the event, the importance of demining areas for the cultivation of agricultural land as a part of food security was emphasized, and advanced practices were presented. Within the framework of the presentations, the planting belt made from explosive ammunition remnants by ANAMA was ceremonially brought to the event stage as an example of security and peace, and the Roots of Peace was presented to the participants by the head of the international humanitarian organization, Heidi Kühn. This presentation was shown as a symbol of safe life and development in the liberated territories of Azerbaijan, as well as in the mine-contaminated countries of the world.

Also, within the framework of the event, the Azerbaijani delegation held meetings with the representatives of well-known international organizations of the world and informed them about the mine problem of our country, and restoration and reconstruction works carried out in the territories freed from occupation. A female deminer who was part of the Azerbaijani delegation and a person who was injured as a result of a mine explosion shared their stories at the press conference held as part of the ceremony.

Within the mentioned event, the ceremony of awarding the "World Food Prize" to Heidi Kuhn, the founder of the "Roots of Peace" organization, is planned. It should be recalled that Heidi Kühn visited Azerbaijan at the invitation of ANAMA and IEPF in May 2023 when she was awarded the "World Food Prize".

It should be noted that the "World Food Prize" was founded by Norman Borlaug in 1970 after winning the Nobel Prize.