In a significant prelude to the upcoming extraordinary presidential elections on February 7, long-term observers from the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Noemi Arcidiacono and Oljas Akanov, paid a visit to the head office of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF).

Upon their arrival, the observers were welcomed by IEPF President Umud Mirzayev, who provided a comprehensive overview of the organization's history, multifaceted activities, and numerous projects that have been successfully implemented over the years.

The meeting, attended by Khudaverdi Guliyev, head of IEPF's Program Department, and John Ayomide, assistant to Umud Mirzayev, saw a robust exchange of opinions on various aspects of the upcoming elections. Topics of discussion included the election process, constituencies, and territories earmarked for observation by the IEPF's 50-person observer mission.

President Mirzayev shared intricate details about the ongoing efforts of the observer team leading up to the extraordinary presidential elections. He elaborated on the significant role the IEPF plays in ensuring transparency and fairness in the electoral process.

The guests expressed keen interest in the election proceedings, and both parties actively engaged in addressing numerous questions posed by the OSCE observers. The collaborative meeting served as a platform for fostering a deeper understanding of the electoral landscape and reinforcing the commitment to democratic principles.

As the OSCE observers continue their mission, this exchange marks a crucial step in promoting open dialogue and transparency in the electoral process, underlining the importance of international cooperation in safeguarding democratic values.