In a diplomatic outreach, representatives from the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs embarked on a visit to the Tartar Regional Vocational Training Center of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) today. Headlined by Mr. Christopher Allan, the visit aimed to acquaint British Embassy officials such as,  Edward Crymble, The Head of The Political Department of the embassy, Nuria Gulieva, in charge of projects at the embassy, with the ongoing development projects in the region and shed light on the collaborative efforts of IEPF, Tartar Regional Vocational Training Center, and their partners.

During the visit, Umud Mirzayev, President of the International Eurasia Press Fund, provided comprehensive insights into the organization's multifaceted work, spanning media, education, community development, population welfare, and initiatives, particularly focusing on Mine Safety programs. John Ayomide, an IEPF Program Department employee, delivered a presentation outlining the accomplished work in the region.

Key figures in the discussions included IEPF Operational Manager Shahin Allahverdiyev, Mine Advisory Group (MAG) Operational Manager Sean Wetherill, IEPF Female Minesweeper Group Head Nizami Abbasov, and the IEPF Female Deminer Team.

The meeting delved into discussions about prospective joint cooperation, emphasizing the commitment to future collaborative endeavors. Notably, the session also touched upon IEPF's educational initiatives, with U. Mirzayev highlighting the Vocational Training Center's role in the region and the training programs conducted there.

Expressing gratitude, U. Mirzayev thanked Mr. Christopher Allan for the British Embassy's humanitarian support, particularly addressing mine-related challenges in Karabakh. The visit concluded with the capture of commemorative photos, signifying the diplomatic exchange and fostering continued collaboration between the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Eurasia Press Fund.