Spanish photographer Gervasio Sanchez Fernandez wrapped up his visit to Azerbaijan as a guest of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF). The conclusion of his trip was marked by insightful dialogues and profound engagements with the realities of the region.

Upon his arrival, Mr. Sanchez was warmly welcomed by Umud Mirzayev, the President of IEPF, who provided a comprehensive overview of the foundation's history and objectives. Mirzayev emphasized the fundamental mission of IEPF, highlighting its dedication to portraying the truths of Karabakh and conveying the plight of the Azerbaijani people to the global community.

During the course of his stay, Mr. Sanchez had the opportunity to interact with victims of landmines, shedding light on their experiences and the challenges they face. Rey Kerimoglu, head of the Mine Victims Association, along with other survivors, shared poignant accounts of their encounters with landmines and discussed the ongoing efforts by the Azerbaijani government to support them.

Expressing his gratitude for the hospitality extended to him, Sanchez reflected on his past experiences:

"In 1992, I was taking photos from the war-torn city of Sarajevo in Bosnia. I was horrified by the scenes I saw there. We do the same things as your organization. If I come to Azerbaijan, I will be the guest of the first IEPF."

He affirmed his commitment to raising awareness about Azerbaijan's landmine issue and capturing the realities of Karabakh in his forthcoming book, a collaboration with IEPF and the Mine Action Agency of The Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA).

During his stay, Mr. Sanchez ventured into the liberated areas, including Aghdam, Tartar, Goranboy, Fuzuli, Shusha, Lachin, and Zangilan, where he engaged in personal dialogues with over 20 mine victims. He also immersed himself in the local communities, gaining insights into the post-war reconstruction efforts and the resilience of the people.

Furthermore, Mr. Sanchez met with the women's team of IEPF, fostering a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives within the region. His journey was facilitated by the Embassy of Azerbaijan in the Kingdom of Spain, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in addressing humanitarian issues.