German Ambassador Ralf Horlemann, accompanied by First Secretary Marcel Vietor and MAG CEO Darren Cormack, embarked on a visit to observe the impactful work of women deminers in Aghdam.

During the visit on May 29, Ambassador Horlemann and his delegation engaged closely with the women deminers, sharing a meal together and observing their meticulous preparations before heading out into the field.

The delegation received a warm welcome from Umud Mirzayev, President of the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF), which oversees the project. Mirzayev provided insightful briefings on Azerbaijan's mine issue and highlighted the global attention the region is receiving, particularly with the upcoming 3rd International Conference on Mine Clearance scheduled in Zangilan.

Despite the absence of ANAMA management, who are actively preparing for the conference, U. Mirzayev conveyed their regards and emphasized the significance of the event in mobilizing resources for a safer, greener future.

"The conference dedicated to the biggest mine problems in the region will be held in Zangilan on May 30-31. The 3rd International Conference on Mine Clearance hosted by the Mine Action Agency of The Republic of Azerbaijan (ANAMA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) will be held in Zangilan. Themed "Mitigating the Environmental Impact of Mines: Mobilizing Resources for a Safe and Green Future. Although the ANAMA management is preparing for this big event, it cannot participate in today's meeting, but it conveys its greetings to you," said Umud Mirzayev.

Jeanette Djikstra, MAG's Country Director, provided updates on their demining efforts, while attention was also drawn to the noteworthy contributions of the APOPO organization, renowned for their innovative demining techniques involving mine-detecting animals.

"The ambassador observed the demining activities of the animals and got acquainted with their results," stated the report.

Ambassador Horlemann took a keen interest in observing the demining activities firsthand, including those involving animals, gaining insights into the effectiveness of their methods and the tangible results achieved.