1. To create an electronic information system "Individual E-section" for the provision of electronic services to non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

2. The "Individual E-section" provided for in Part 1 of this Decree is an information system that provides for the exchange of information between non-governmental organizations and the relevant government agency, the submission of statutory information, reports in electronic form and other electronic services.

3. "Individual E-section" electronic information system:

3.1. creation of an “individual e-cabinet” in which each non-governmental organization registered in the system can only access and use e-services;

3.2. receiving and responding to information, appeals, references and reports related to the activities of non-governmental organizations in electronic form;

3.3. electronic registration of documents required by law for the allocation and issuance of grants;

3.4. automatic generalization of documents and preparation of statistical reports on the basis of tasks given to the system;

3.5. must be equipped with special software with systematic storage of data, documents and other functions.

4. The Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

4.1. to provide creation and functioning of the electronic information system "Individual E-section" provided by part 1 of this Decree;

4.2. to determine the administrative regulations on the rules of use of the system;

4.3. approve the list of information to be included in the system and the institutions that must provide the information.

5. Relevant state bodies together with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall take necessary measures for regular inclusion of information determined by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the System.

6. The Administration of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan shall exercise control over the implementation of this Decree.

7. The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

7.1. to provide allocation of the means necessary for implementation of the works provided by this Decree;

7.2. to resolve other issues arising from this Decree


Ilham Aliyev -President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Baku city, November 20, 2013.