"Women, Community and Social Justice: Addressing gender-based violence in IDP communities" is one of the projects implemented by the International Eurasia Press Fund (IEPF) and funded by the U.S. Embassy in Baku within the period March 2017-May 2017.
The objective of this project was to support the community-based activities for IDP youth and women in the regions and to strengthen the local civil society organizations.  Moreover, the project aimed to inform women about their rights, to promote public discussion of gender equality and to take measures to prevent gender-based violence against women at work and at home. 
As a result of the activities carried out during the projected period, the Women Recourse Center in Terter region of Azerbaijan was established and the hotline was activated. The aim of this center is to provide legal assistance to women.
Since 2006, the IEPF has been doing an important work on strengthening the capacity of civil society organizations in the region, creating job opportunities in order to ensure socio-economic reintegration of vulnerable people, solution of the legal problems of the internally displaced persons (IDPs), enhancing skills and abilities to increase family income of women with migrant husbands as well as those with low-income.
In 2010, the projects started to be managed from the IEPF Vocational Training Center, in Tartar with the financial support of the American government. 
Therefore, practical and methodological tools of this center were also used.